The Preview of NFTBomb Comprehensive Upgraded 2.0 Version

4 min readNov 8, 2021


NFTBomb is fully upgraded to 2.0 version and will be launched soon. The era of NFT protocol ecology is coming!

As the first project to integrate NFT contract protocol layer and application layer, NFTBomb is committed to creating a new paradigm of NFT finance, which not only includes the NFT market, but also carries a rich NFT protocol ecology. The market module creates an interactive channel between the real world and Metaverse assets while the protocol ecology solves the problem of NFT liquidity. NFTBomb can help high-quality NFT agreements quickly reach more valuable NFT assets, thereby serving more NFT users. NFTBomb provides users with a one-stop NFT DeFi experience with diverse gameplay and higher returns!

So, what innovations has this upgraded 2.0 version brought?

  1. The New UI Upgrade of the Official Website

2. Rare_Ki-Issue Platform Equity NFT

Rare_Ki is the official limited rights NFT of NFTBomb, which is an important element after the 2.0 upgrade.

The equities of holding Rare_Ki:

1. The qualification to gain NFT Airdrops.

2. The qualification to purchase the limited blind box.

3. The qualification to purchase some official joint NFT.

4. The qualification to participate in the BOOM agreement.

The official has teamed up with 14 well-known platforms including BurgerSwap, Hyperpay and ONTO to conduct Rare_Ki airdrop activities. Part of the data of this event: Rare_Ki airdrop event, NFTBomb community users exceeded 100,000+, more than 20,000+ addresses hold Rare_Ki, the first batch of blind box sales event, 20,000 blind boxes were sold out within two days!

As an innovative gameplay, Rare_Ki will have many rights and interests in the future ecology of NFTBomb, as well as a wide range of application scenario and large room for future potential appreciation. It has become a hot trend in the field.

3. New Upgrade-Protocol Ecology

NFTBomb is the world’s first NFT protocol ecological project, which solves the problem of NFT liquidity and promotes the open development of cryptocurrency finance. In the current agreement ecology of NFTBomb, it includes the INO contract agreement, Auction contract agreement, NFT fragmentation contract agreement, and the BOOM agreement that will come out in 2.0 version this time. In the future, in addition to incubating more ecological native agreements, the project will also support the access of more third-party agreement projects and establish corresponding support funds.

4. Detailed Introduction of Agreement-BOOM Agreement

In the upcoming upgraded 2.0 version, BOOM protocol is one of the most representative.

The BOOM agreement creates Fomo3D in the NFT world, which is fair, just and high-yielding. The BOOM protocol is an open API protocol. Everyone can use two NFTs to collide on the chain and win the prize after the project party initiates a BOOM prize pool through the protocol. The collision rules are all open and fair, and you can get feedback on winning the prize instantly. Each NFT combination has only one chance to collide. Therefore, as the number of community collisions increases, the remaining collision opportunities decrease, and the probability of winning will increase exponentially. After the smart contract time expires, all users participating in the collision will receive an airdrop incentive for the remaining prize pool. The more holding NFTs and collisions, the more the prize pool airdrop share.

The BOOM agreement will create a precedent for the interesting gameplay of NFT finance. Any project party can act as the initiator of the gameplay to enrich the application scenarios of their own projects with the help of the agreement, and walk to the most direct profit path. At the same time, it can also allow its own projects to gain extensive exposure to get user participate, which is a great help for the project party to enhance its brand effect.

Is it particularly worth looking forward to the new upgraded 2.0 of NFTBomb? Let’s join the NFTBomb ecosystem to experience these new features!




NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.