The INO model and its derivative ecology of NFTBomb

NFT is a non-homogeneous token which is unique in the blockchain, and its characteristics allow it to be associated with unique collectibles. In essence, any commodity has its financial attributes, for example, an apple, it begins financial life when they were picked from farmers, but it only has commodity value. Then how to make a collectible and expensive asset circulate quickly in the market? What kind of derivative ecology will NFT create?

INO Model of NFTBomb

NFT assets → fragmentation → Ki → secondary market circulation → buyout → repurchase + voting → NFT assets

NFTBomb’s INO model breaks the current auction model based on individuals in the market. Anyone can participate in the auction with a small amount of funds, and determine the auction price based on the total amount of ETH. The model lowers the threshold for ordinary investors to participate and improved the circulation attributes of collectibles, making it easier to monetize collectibles.

KiDEX-Ki circulation exchange of NFT

After the NFT asset carried INO, its attributes become homogenized and can be circulated on any exchange and DEX. The decentralized exchange Kidex launched by NFTBomb was created based on the transaction attributes derived from its NFT assets after INO. After purchasing the fragmented Ki, users can choose to trade directly in the secondary market, which greatly enhances the financial attributes of NFT assets and makes the value of the original NFT assets more market-oriented so that ordinary investors can make a profit by trading at a proper price. KiDEX is a Ki exchange for the fragmentation of NFT assets.

DEFI Lending of NFT


In the Hunting section of NFTBomb, NFTBomb will focus on NFT works with high market popularity. At present, NFTBomb has reached cooperation with multiple IPs, which will create their own NFT works and carry INO, but INO is not overly dependent on IP due to itself is a decentralized NFT auction process. Each user can recommend and vote for popular NFT works, and then directly conduct INO on NFTBomb. After the INO is over, it can be circulated on KiDEX. The Hunting section of NFTBomb is to find a channel for valuable NFT works in the market, where every user can participate, and is recognized by the market and delivers value.


NFTBomb is a decentralized one-stop NFT service.



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