Rare-Ki NFT Airdrop is ended,please claim your NFT NOW!

Dear NFTbomb Fans,

It is the 7th day of the Rare_Ki NFT airdrop event, and we are extremely excited to tell everyone that this airdrop event is very successful. However, we also have to say the event is ending as well.

Through this Rare_Ki airdrop, more than 120,000+ users become members of NFTBomb. So far, the limited NFT Rare_Ki has more than 20,000+ addresses. As many users probably don’t know that the airdrop is over, please tell each other to claim your own Rare_Ki NFT as soon as possible.

Claiming Detail:

Rare_Ki is the first batch of official NFT rights issued by NFTBomb, which is a pass to join the NFTBomb ecosystem and enjoy a variety of rights and benefits. The following is the list of rights and interests.

1、Get NFT airdrop qualification

2、Get limited blind box purchase qualification

3、Get some official co-branded NFT purchase qualification

4、Get BOOM agreement participation qualification

This Rare_Ki NFT airdrop event is successful, due to our cooperation platforms’ support. Here we need to say, thank you for BurgerSwap, Hyperpay, Nabox, Pacific, ONTO, BerryData, NFTStar, Airdrop ninja. In the future, we will cooperate in many aspects, share resources, and create a highly liquid NFT protocol ecosystem.

Finally, I will announce good news to everyone, that we are will launch our first blind box on the NFTBomb platform. This time, our early users will get the blind box at a very low price with high rewards. If you see this news, please make your BSC wallet ready to sprint.



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