Q1. Could you please introduce NFTBomb to our community?

Hello everyone, I am a cryptocurrency fan and one of the global ambassadors of NFTBomb. I am very optimistic about the combination of blockchain and NFT, so I joined NFTBomb.

The existing truly valuable head NFT prices are very high, frequently tens of millions, but because it can not be divided, the lack of liquidity of assets, through the form of auction to circulation is difficult to have a fair public price, the other most investors flinch.

Based on such an embarrassing situation, it is where INO comes into play. Concentrating advantages,allocating resources well and focusing on top-level NFTs is the core operating philosophy of NFTBomb.

NFTBomb is an NFT aggregate trading platform first launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It uses core fragmentation solutions and innovative hybrid trading models to quickly resolve the liquidity of NFT heavy assets.

NFTBomb=NFT+DeFi+DEX (non-homogenous digital assets + decentralized finance + decen- tralized trading)

Q2. What is the Ecosystem that NFTBomb is developing?

At present, the official website of the project,, can be accessed normally. The project’s trading bazaar platform can also be accessed normally, and the completed creation, trading, auction and other functions will be officially launched in June

The project’s liquidity trading DEX platform will be launched in the future.

Q3. Does NFTBomb have its own token? and how NFTBomb team attracts customers to use your service?

Yes it is. NFTBomb has $NFTB and stablecoins.

Airdrop: Targeted delivery genesis KI and platform coin to the head NFT holders, encourage them to participate in INO or mining KI.

By the time, INO constantly refreshed the highest NFT prices of different forms in different fields and became the global NFT Hype maker.

Fantasy linkage: top auction houses, stars, artists, make INO linkage, constantly building momentum inside and outside the circle

Offer different services to different characters, meet all their needs, and keep them hooked with mining incentives: participation award,Inject award,Hold award,Fanatic reward,socialization reward,Original reward

We work with stars and artists to promote the fan economy

Q4. What is NFTBomb plans for this year ?

This year, we will complete the construction of the NFTbomb ecosystem, complete the cooperation with institutions, and jointly cast NFT assets with stars and artists to drive the fan economy. We will announce these good news in the near future.

Q5. Reading your website I just realized that your application is just available to work with android, so you also will add an iOS version?

You must be mistaken. Our products are suitable for Android and ios, NFTBomb is suitable for all devices.

Q6. What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Our team members come from various countries in the world and have 3–5 years of blockchain experience. We have cooperated with many stars and artists, have a strong fan team, and are also recruiting community partners, youtube kols, etc. We are not worried. NFT is the future, it is still in the early stage, we are willing to keep going.

Q7. Everyone calculates that investors’ returns on projects with NFTbomb are fair to investors? Or do you have some other incentive that calls more investors to participate in your projects?

In fact, the rate of return on investment follows changes in the market and cannot be determined. We have held an INO before, this is our first INO, an increase of 1054 times. This is amazing enough.

Ordinary investors can receive free airdrops, we are giving away $NFTB.

Q8. Which specific about technology and strategy of NFTBomb that make you believe it will be successful and what does your plan do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

I think technological innovation is not easy. Our first INO crowd auction protocol allows more users to invest in NFT assets with a low threshold, even only $1.

We will announce collaborations with artists and stars in the near future to attract their fans to participate.

Q9. NFTBomb vision is to establish a mirroring channel that connects NFT and the real world. However, the most frequent ways in which we can see this is in the artistic space and through exchanges with museums and real paintings. But how to go further with NFTbomb?

Not only can NFT be combined with art, everything or assets can be NFT except food. NFTBomb hopes to connect users and creators through INO. Our artists and stars will bring us a lot of resources, and so will our organization.

Q10. With the explosion of NFT projects on almost all working blockchains. How will NFTBomb design and deliver a more viable value proposition than numerous competing NFT projects?

NFT categories are more abundant (not limited to artworks, games, cards), we will introduce a number of independent celebrities from inside to outside.

Fragmented solutions, low barriers to participation, sky-high price works, you can participate in just one dollar.

Unique INO model, sellers have a high premium, and the income is more attractive.

The unique Hunting mechanism greatly enhances the penetration of works, and can capture independent IP works on any platform.

The unique hybrid bidding mechanism makes the transaction more exciting, from individual to individual bidding to individual bidding for multiple people.




NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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