NFTBomb limited edition NFT “Rare_Ki” airdrop is coming

Dear NFTBomb fans and followers:

We have a great news to share with you today, we have launched our limited NFT “Rare_Ki” and cooperate with the following projects to host the airdrop activities: BurgerSwap, HyperPay, ONTO, Nabox , BerryData, Pacific, NFTStar, and Airdrop Ninja. The airdrop will be held from October 16 to October 22, 2021 (UTC Time).

Our limited NFT “Rare_Ki” has some rights(authentication). You cannot participate in most of the activities or get rewards at our platform without this NFT ticket. That is why we would like to tell all the early NFTBomb users, community partners and new members who want to join the NFTBomb ecology: please don’t forget to collect the limited airdrop NFT “Rare_Ki” from our platform.

Rare_Ki and its benefits
Rare_Ki is the first batch of official NFT rights issued by NFTBomb, which is a pass to join the NFTBomb ecosystem and enjoy a variety of rights and benefits. The following is the list of rights and interests.

1、Get NFT airdrop qualification
NFTBomb as a high-quality NFT asset trading platform, the future will be online many NFT projects, Rare_Ki holders will get NFT project airdrop.

2、Get limited blind box purchase qualification
NFTBomb on the limited blind box such as international top stream IP, star class blind box, ball player class blind box, artist blind box, Rare_Ki holders get priority purchase rights, or even exclusive purchase rights.

3、Get some official co-branded NFT purchase qualification
NFTBomb will release limited edition NFT in association with top stream brands, Rare_Ki holders can get the priority purchase right.

4、Get BOOM agreement participation qualification
NFTBomb protocol ecology is an important part of the BOOM protocol will be officially launched, participants to experience the BOOM protocol to win millions of prizes, are required to hold Rare_Ki. Of course, NFTBomb on the third-party development of many NFT protocols, also need to hold Rare_Ki to participate.

NFTBomb Introduction

NFTBomb is the first open ecology that integrates the NFT protocol and application, carrying a rich ecology of NFT protocols, including Boom protocol, Origin protocol, Auction protocol, maximizing NFT liquidity, while including NFT bazaar Kibomb, directly connecting users with NFT assets, building the interaction channel between the real world and meta-universe assets, dedicated to providing users with Provide one-stop DEFI experience and create a new paradigm of NFT finance.

Boom Protocol
The Boom Protocol creates the Fomo3D of the NFT world and is an open API protocol. After users initiate a BOOM prize pool through the protocol, everyone can use two NFTs to collide on the chain and get the prize. The collision rules are open and fair, the data is transparent on-chain, feedback on winning is instantly available, and each NFT combination has only one chance to collide.

As the number of community collisions increases, the number of remaining collidable opportunities decreases and the probability of winning increases exponentially. At the end of the smart contract time, all users who participated in the collision will receive an airdrop incentive for the remaining prize pool. The more NFTs you hold, the more collisions you will have and the more shares of the airdrop you will receive.

Auction Protocol and Origin Protocol
The Auction Protocol publicizes, markets and finances NFT assets, and the fragmented INO can greatly reduce the participation threshold of NFT; The Origin Protocol is the master protocol of the NFTBomb protocol ecology, and all developers can issue their own protocol share governance NFT by calling the Origin Protocol, and holders will receive a share of the protocol revenue.




NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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