NFTBomb AMA in CryptoScape

Hello everyone, I am a member of NFTBomb’s global ambassador, I am very optimistic about the future of NFT, so I joined NFTB.

NFTBomb is an NFT aggregate trading platform first launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It uses core fragmentation solutions and innovative hybrid trading models to quickly resolve the liquidity of NFT heavy assets.

It will be extended to the entire ecosystem supported by multiple chains in follow development. Users all over the world can easily create, trade, auction, pledge and provide fragmented liquidity through the NFTBomb platform.

2) could you share NFT BOMB vision and some recent product development in terms of roadmap or milestones achieved

The vision of NFTBomb is to set up a mirroring channel connecting NFT and the real world, and to make the diverse NFT assets accessible by establishing standardized protocols. While expanding its own influence, it also aims to create a better ecosystem for all NFT assets, func- tioning as the infrastructure of blockchain technology to mirror the real world.

According to the plan on the roadmap, we have now completed the beta version of the INO protocol, and two weeks ago, we made the first public INO of the NFT work. 350 players participated and experienced this new gameplay.

We will also launch the beta version of at the end of May. On the basis of INO, this version fully opens up the functions of NFT creation, trading, and auction. We will do our best to complete the official version of Kibomb at the end of June.

3) there are a lot of NFT projects in the marketplace existing in present time so why you think the nft world needed a product like NFT BOMB additionally share your revenue model

1. NFT categories are more abundant (not limited to artworks, games, cards), we will introduce a number of independent celebrities from inside to outside.

2. Fragmented solutions, low barriers to participation, sky-high price works, you can participate in just one dollar

3. Unique INO model, sellers have a high premium, and the income is more attractive

4. The unique Hunting mechanism greatly enhances the penetration of works, and can capture independent IP works on any platform

5. The unique hybrid bidding mechanism makes the transaction more exciting, from individual to individual bidding to individual bidding for multiple people.

4) Can you give a glimpse of of kidex and will it function and will it function like other dex or will be there some unique

KiDEX is a decentralized exchange that facilitates Ki circulation of all NFT assets on NFT- Bomb platform.

What is Ki?

Just as commonly perceived, water is tangible and gas is intangible. If the fragmentation of NFT is a kind of tangible flowing water, then Ki is the aurora-like dynamic, which sublimates the mobility to a higher physical state.

Ki is a circulating asset uniquely owned following the launch of project INO (initial fragment- ed offering of NFT assets). Each INO contract will create a Ki for each target NFT asset to carry its ownership and liquidity after its fragmentation. Upon the completion of INO, users will obtain the ownership and rights to earnings of the target NFT pro rata based on their holding amount of Ki, and also obtains the NFT mining interests and rights.

NFTBomb INO will introduce the concept of synthetic assets at different stages, and the Ki assets generated by synthetic assets could also be circulated and traded on KiDEX.

5) Can you tell a bit about NFT aggregated trading platform and how to list there for crowd funding means the process and charges involved @Grumpyb14017909

In order to lower the entrance threshold for users, the platform has launched the crowdfund- ed auction function. Once users successfully complete the auction, they obtain parts of the ownership of NFT assets proportional to their contributions by way of issuance of NFT Ki.

Logic demonstration by case study:

T represents the target NFT.

The price of T is unknown, and the default crowdfunding ratio is 1eth=1000TB.

The amount of TB issuance=total number of ETHin the crowdfunding pool when T is injected into the pool x1000

Time point 1: Before T is injected into ino, User A invests 2ETHin the crowdfunding, and obtains 2000TB

Time point 2: User A sends back 500TB to ino contract, and retrieves 0.5eth

Time point 3: the number of ETHin the ino crowdfunding pool reaches 70, thus there are 70,000 TB in circulation

When a random user C injects T into INO, he/she can take all of the 70eth, and in the mean- time, the INO pool no longer accepts eth, nor mints TB. NFT shard now replaces the crowd- funding voucher to become the core essence of Ki crowdfunding.

Note: the name of the target NFT is the sole index (corresponding to specific contract addresses and ID metadata). In this case, NFT is named as T for example. In fact, different NFTs have different names, and different Ki.

6) Since we are seeing a potential platform dedicated to productive services for potential artists or all those who have NFTs under their possession. What are the leasing methods by which the parties involved must be governed according to the terms and conditions of NFT bomb?


Only by voting on the platform to select high-quality NFT projects, INO auctions can be carried out, which is to prevent fraudulent projects

The platform is first to cooperate with well-known artists and stars. They bring their own fans economy.

7)Safety and secuirity are always the most important things. So whats the secuirity mechanism of NFT bomb to ensure user assets do not become the target of hackers? @Cheryecherry

Security and secuirity are the characteristics of the block chain, and NFTBomb is based on the block chain. There is no doubt about the security and secuirity . Don’t worry about it. we are doing contract audits with several well-known audit institutions, and we will announce them later. stay tuned!

8) I read in your whitepaper the infrastructure of your ecosystem is mainly enhanced by the combination protocols. But are these independent or is your really a perfect conjunction between the development of each of yours that makes up NFTBOMB as such? @sexydefi11

These sectors are independent but integrated with each other. Through INO, we will divide the NFT assets and lower the investment threshold. In the face of INO, we have adopted many methods to find high-quality NFT assets, such as cooperation with celebrities and artists, hunting, etc., which can be participated in the official website and the market.



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