NFTBomb AMA in Crypto Caravan Community

Host:Can you share with the community what NFTBomb has been doing from the roadmap ?

Jessie:According to the plan on the roadmap, we have now completed the beta version of the INO protocol, and a week ago, we made the first public INO of the NFT work. 350 players participated and experienced this new gameplay.

We will also launch the beta version of kibomb at the end of May. On the basis of INO, this version fully opens up the functions of NFT creation, trading, and auction. We will do our best to complete the official version of Kibomb at the end of June.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the confidence of our community in the project, we will complete the institution’s participation before the end of May and disclose financing information.

Host:What is that one significant milestone NFTBomb has achieved which you are proud to share ?

Jessie:When our team had nothing, several independent artists were willing to support our exploration of the NFT project and provided angel funding. Now we have completely relied on the consensus and recognition of the community to complete the first release of Chuangshi INO. For the sake of confidentiality, forgive us for not being able to disclose the information of these artists.

Host:What are the unique features does NFTBomb provide as compared to other projects?

Jessie:NFT categories are more abundant (not limited to artworks, games, cards), we will introduce a number of independent celebrities from inside to outside.

Fragmented solutions, low barriers to participation, sky-high price works, you can participate in just one dollar

Unique INO model, sellers have a high premium, and the income is more attractive

The unique Hunting mechanism greatly enhances the penetration of works, and can capture independent IP works on any platform

The unique hybrid bidding mechanism makes the transaction more exciting, from individual to individual bidding to individual bidding for multiple people.

Host:What are your upcoming plans or events?

Jessie:Our large-scale airdrop event, please follow our official Twitter for details

We are conducting an institutional fundraising, and the fundraising situation will be announced soon

We will start IDO soon (plan is two weeks later)

We are about to recruit more like-minded community volunteers to participate in our team, and they will give priority to running for the administrator of the DAO organization in the future.

Host:Since we are seeing a potential platform dedicated to productive services for potential artists or all those who have NFTs under their possession. What are the leasing methods by which the parties involved must be governed according to the terms and conditions of NFTBomb?

Jessie:The attraction condition is that the INO auction gives sellers a very attractive price. The advantages of NFTBomb: the price of NFT has no upper limit, and NFT assets have no consignment risk. These two distinct advantages are only in NFTBomb all around the world. Especially the risk of consignment, because other platforms need you to hand over the NFT to the platform for sale, the sellers have to wait long time for sold out and bear the risk of NFT asset custody. If the sellers do INO in NFTBomb, they can hold the NFT in the NFT pool until selling in a nice price.

INO is the only way to activate the liquidity of NFT in the world. As for terms, NFTBomb is so friendly to sellers, so that there are no such restrictions on sellers.

Host:Which specific about technology and strategy of NFTBomb that make you believe it will be successful and what does your plan do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Jessie:NFTBomb’s INO protocol enables a global allocation of non-standard asset with no threshold, no license, and decentralization by blockchain technology and smart contracts. Anyone can participate in the investing activities of top-tier NFT.

Operating strategies include:

Create-rich effect: the NFT sellers have earned 1000 times of profit in 2 days. The buyer can invest in such a good asset for less than $1.

2) IP attracting effect: we cooperate with stars and celebrities with tens of millions of fans, and then gained premium NFT assets and incremental statistic of users.

3) The ways attracting users to participate: Launch INO award, INO participation award and INO inject award.

Host:From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to built this project? What you want to achieve Through #NFTBomb in future?

Jessie:NFTBomb come from 《Dragon Ball》,

Mission: non-standard asset liquidity provider

Vision: Optimize and integrate global non-standard asset trading mechanism with blockchain finance, crowdfunding auction is like Wukong gathering the energy of world people, then release bomb. That means, NFTBomb will make everyone’s effort to push NFT market to moon.

Host:What are the strategies that NFTBomb will implement to bombard all those investors with the best services provided to all those who love NFTs and invite them to participate within its active community?

Jessie:We attract investors in the following ways:

Airdrop: Targeted delivery genesis KI and platform coin to the head NFT holders, encourage them to participate in INO or mining KI.

By the time, INO constantly refreshed the highest NFT prices of different forms in different fields and became the global NFT Hype maker.

Fantasy linkage: top auction houses, stars, artists, make INO linkage, constantly building momentum inside and outside the circle.

Offer different services to different characters, meet all their needs, and keep them hooked with mining incentives: participation award,Inject award,Hold award,Fanatic reward,socialization reward,Original reward.

Host:Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

Jessie:INO service fee: $50B (NFT total market value) *2.5% *1000 (INO magnification rate) =$1250 B.

The revenue from the B-end includes the fee of event operation: providing planning service for different IPs; tailored INO theme service; casting different forms of NFT; design different ways of playing NFT.

The revenue from C-end is that NFT transaction fee.




NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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NFTBomb- the first NFT protocol ecological project.

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