Continued NFT Frenzy, How Do You Think?

The common ground of human progress is innovation and creation, and with innovation and creation, world civilization therefore can be developed more prosperously. However, what cannot be changed is that piracy can always deprive the income and rights of creators easily and illegally.

Blockchain is the solution of it. The anonymous, open and transparent feature of the blockchain consolidates the rights of creators, and makes all creators’ works and ideas become their unique products, which is a great news for all creators, especially ordinary creators. It is one of the blockchain applications -NFT.

The emerge of short video apps has driven more people to join the self-media industry in recent years, especially in 2020, due to the COVID19 pandemic, people spend more time staying at home, so more creators have switched work form from offline to online, expressing themselves through short videos, pictures, text, etc. All creations were published through Internet platforms, such as Douyin, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and gain income through unique and high-quality creations. At present, there are at least more than 50 million people creating online works in the world, and the creator economy is increasing by at least billions every year. However, many of their income are shared by platforms and piracy.

The role of NFT is to digitize their works, consolidate their ownership, and allow them to earn the income they deserve. This is also the reason why the NFT gets so popular after 2020.

This is not just a carnival for a few people. The mainstream auction house Christie’s auctioned NFT works for US$130,000; Beeple’s NFT works were sold for US$69 million; the founder of Twitter earned more than US$3 million in an NFT tweet; luxury brands such as Gucci and Lv are also developing their own Unique NFT brand; some celebrities and artists have also joined the NFT market.

This is a carnival that all people can participate in. NFT provides a unique set of codes to ensure the ownership of creators remains unchanged and transparent. Therefore, brands, institutions, artists, ordinary creators, etc., can ensure that their works are authentic and not copied while buyers can also have confidence on their bought works.

Consolidate the rights of creators and protect the rights of buyers is just the basic function of the NFT, in fact, it is more than that. Whether you are a novice or a mature creator, the choice of NFT is not only due to this feature of NFT. The NFT market is still very early, it is under processing of moving to next stage, and the creators who join it earlier can share more profit in such a lucrative market.

Everything can be NFT is the conclusion drawn by NFT enthusiasts in the process of transforming NFT from its initial state. Art works, music albums, collectibles, cars, houses, etc. can be transformed as NFT digital assets, as well as pictures, texts, GIFs, short videos, etc., and when investors are unable to participate due to the expensive NFT works, NFT can be broken like a mirror, and each piece of fragment has a unique code, which can be purchased by ordinary participants so that to accelerates the high-speed liquidity of NFT assets.

Along with more mainstream and non-mainstream creators join NFT, the world of blockchain and NFT is being enriched and improved, and creators and collectors will be in a win-win situation. The dynamic changes in the market are showing that we are currently in a national carnival period!



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